How to Install Windows Phone 7 Updates


  1. Connect phone and Open Zune if doesn’t open by default.
  2. Click on Settings on the top right corner
  3. Select Software –> General and then click on the “Check for updates” button. This will update the Zune client.
  4. Then Select Phone –> Update
  5. This will list for you the available updates one at a time (say Feb 2011 then Mar 2011). Install them one after the other.
  6. Remember
    1. You need enough free space on your C: Drive up to the size of your phone’s memory (8GB/16GB/32GB/64GB). This is required by the updater to back up your WP7 in case something goes wrong during the installation and it needs to restore.
    2. You cannot make or receive calls during the update process.
  7. Now restart Zune and look for updates again! Remember that your carrier can block up to a maximum of one update. Funny I know Smile. So you need to check if another update is pending once you are done with the first update.
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