In the age of Facebook I think this link is sufficient for you to know all about me. 🙂

Disclaimers and Guidelines that apply to the entire blog

1. This is my personal space, my personal thoughts and my personal opinions to the matters I feel like writing about. The articles you see in this blog have got nothing to do with the views of the company I work for and I in no way represent them. They cannot be held responsible for the contents of this blog. So please note this point and keep that in mind when you share this article. Again, this is my personal space.

2. In these blog posts I try to be true and responsible and I believe you would be responsible in sharing the contents too. I try to be as unbiased as possible (except of course but for the obvious human fallacies) and I trust you would be too while reading my blogs!

3. I try to be as accurate and as honest as possible. But I do link to many other pages whose contents I don’t validate and I am not responsible for. If you feel that there’s some inaccuracy or you think that something is inappropriate/hurtful or should not be there please feel free to drop me a mail or a comment. I would be more than glad to remove the content and apologize for that. Because of course in no way would I want to hurt your sentiments. But of course you need to give me a solid reason for that.

4. I am not a legal expert, so please don’t hold me legally responsible for anything I write. Have a problem? Speak Up!

5. I believe that the power of the Internet is in giving free voice and free choice to each and every one of us. So while writing articles on this blog I take comfort in knowing that I am allowed to speak my mind and so are you while replying back! I try to be as reasonable as possible and I believe you would be too while posting comments or sharing the articles. If you have a problem with something, please talk to me directly.

All other standard disclaimers that are not coming to my mind right now do apply. 🙂


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